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    Why I can't download the mp3 to my Android device?

    Each Android device acts differently from another.
    The best way to download files to your phone is Using Chrome browser, if clicking on download button does not make anything happen, try long press on the download button and "Save Link"

    Why I can't download the mp3 to my iPhone/iPad device?

    Unfortunately, Downloading MP3 files directly is not possible in Apple iOS devices.
    Luckily, there are a few apps that support downloading files like Downloader and Documents by Readdle.
    Another Option is to save files to the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud) from a PC and stream the music from your phone.

    Nothing happens when clicking the download/convert button, what do I do?

    When clicking the download/convert button a small window will open and a loading carrot will show, please wait till the loading complete and the window will show you the "Download Now" button
    If you still can't download the file or the process is stuck at some point, please contact us

    I can't find my question here, what should I do?

    Try to look for the answer at the HELP page.
    If you still have unsolved questions or issues, please contact us